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Kaitlin and Kyle: Savannah, Ga Engagement/Forsyth Park

It's time for my yearly blog post! For all of you lovely people who follow my work, thanks for sticking around. I am finally to a point in the school year where I am either done with my to do list, or procrastinating a good portion of it. Either way, who could not be the more perfect couple for me to share?...Kaitlin and Kyle!! Their classic Savannah engagement was perfection and they are just the sweetest. I loved their love for each other, and their wedding was a blast!! I'll make sure you see it before next year! I hope you enjoy these lovelies! 

Emily and Ross/Jekyll Island, Ga/Engagement

Emily asked me two things: Can I incorporate my dog, and can we go to Jekyll for something different? Of course I said yes!! I love the fact that we could incorporate photos with Emily and Ross's dog, and of course that we could go to Jekyll, a special place for the two love birds! We had such a blast and I loved getting to know them both. Their wedding is approaching quickly and I cannot wait. These have been some of my favorite engagement photos to date, so enjoy!! 

Jason and Aleece: Surprise engagement/Forsyth Park/Savannah, Ga 2/26/16

Savannah, Georgia is truly a magical place to get engaged. The "IT" spot for those breathtaking moments, is the one and only fountain at Forsyth Park. This fountain has made countless proposals and wedding vows the perfect occasion for numerous couples. Jason found me all the way from California, and worked hard to plan and perfect his perfect proposal to Aleece. These two were so fun, and sweet, and I wish them the absolute best on their journey to marriage! Congratulations you two! 

Arbelaez wedding: Savannah, Ga/Romantic Savannah Station Wedding 12-12-15

Confession: This is my FIRST blog post of 2016. (Insert eye roll emoji here). I know, guys no good, but I have so much to share with you all this summer! First off it is important that I share my last wedding of 2015. These two are so precious!!!! Their wedding was so romantic and sweet. I felt as if I was attending as a guest, and soaking up their personal ceremony with my camera in hand. Personal touches from her family made the day so fantastic. Allison's mom worked on the beautiful details with floral help from A to Zinnias. Her brother's officiated a beautiful christian ceremony, and her church offered beautiful music. Her make-up and hair were flawlessly done by Royal Makeup and Hair, with her mother's veil incorporated into her look. Javier was the kindest groom and all of their family made the day one to remember! Savannah Station was a perfect venue, complimented by the yummy food by Magnolia Grill Catering. Check it out! 

Andy and Lyndsey/Chattanooga, TN/Savannah,GA Wedding Photographer

2015 has been such a great year! I have had THE most amazing couples as well as fantastic families, and very awesome experiences. My year began with me really trying to re-think my business. I wanted  to be sure I was doing the right thing, and I wanted to start moving more into weddings and engagements. I was really unsure if I was willing and able to make my business grow, and learn more in this field. I was kind of at a turning point. I love to teach, and I love my photography, but I wasn't sure I had the confidence to be successful in both. After spending the first part of January thinking about what I was going to do this year, the year just kind of started to fly for me. I began the year photographing my sister for two fantastic authors who put my photos on their book cover (Predestined Hearts), I started booking some really great wedding experiences, and was beginning to reach out to the Savannah wedding photographers community. I began saying NO, which is a huge problem for me, but I was able to focus more on my school community, when it was time to, and I could enjoy my family when I needed to. (I'm still working on this) I went to NYC and got to see one of my photos on TIMES SQUARE! ahh! I booked my fall solid with the most amazing couples and ended my year with the best family a girl could ask for. I am so blessed for this year and I am truly looking forward to 2016! 

One of the most wonderful wedding experiences I had this year, was in Flinstone, Ga at the Barn at High Point Farms. This place rocks my world, and I just love working at this venue. Lyndsey and Andy are literally the most low key, relaxed, HAPPY people I know. I love happy! I not once met these two, so when I got to the barn I was a little nervous. Once we began, it was like we had known each other for a while, and getting to know everyone in their wedding party was just wonderful. The day was gloomy and rainy, and part of me was bummed that we wouldn't have as many opportunities to make gorgeous photos, but everyone at the barn pulled the most beautiful day together. 

Lyndsey and Andy, I wish you the most amazing life together, and I hope our paths will cross again one day! Until then, I hope that you can enjoy these photos for a lifetime. I know I will! 

Seay Wedding: Savannah, Ga/Savannah wedding photographer

The first time I met Kimberley and Kevin, I knew right away we were the perfect match. I have to say that our Finnegan Photography Brides this year were the most laid back, happy, SWEET adorable people I have ever met. When I did Kimberley and Kevin's engagement session, I felt as if I had known them for ages. They were so comfortable around me, and were the kindest people, I just could not wait for their wedding day. When their special day came, I could not have been more happy to be their photographer. They were so relaxed and happy. Their families were so sweet. Their wedding coordinator, aka their Sister-in-Law was amazing, and had everything ready for me. She made sure the day went smoothly for Kim and Kevin as well as me! I am so thankful that Kimberley and Kevin came across my name, and I hope that they can enjoy their photos for a lifetime! 

Tolmie Wedding: Savannah, Ga/Savannah Wedding Photographer

Heather and Brett Tolmie are not only one of the most beautiful couples around, but they are such a sweet sweet pair of people. My job gets really hard in the Fall. I am a full time teacher, and my empty moments are filled with taking photos and editing away. Having the couples I had this year, keep me going in my profession, and they make me just LOVE what I do. The Tolmie's day was just perfect and being able to take pictures for them was such an honor. These photos make me so happy, and I can't help but continuously and obnoxiously share them. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do. Congratulations again to Brett and Heather! 

Heather and Brett: Savannah, Ga Engagement/Savannah engagement photographer

Around this time last year I met Heather. One of the most beautiful girls I ever did see, and so so sweet. I was so thankful that just a few months later, she would ask me to be her wedding photographer. Even though I just recently shot their wedding and should be blogging that, I could not withhold their engagement photos. The two were so patient after several reschedules due to the never ending rain of Fall 2015. When we finally got to taking these, the rain didn't stop us, and it truly enhanced the beauty of this couple. I just love these two and cannot wait to share their wedding photos as well! Enjoy! 

Alletto Wedding: Savannah, Ga/Tybee Island wedding photographer

I could not be more thankful to have had the chance to photograph the "beginning" to this beautiful marriage. This family was the kindest, and the day turned out to be one of the most beautiful days on Tybee Island I had ever seen. Thank you to Danielle, the daughter of the bride who thought of me when her mom was getting married. It was truly the most heartfelt ceremony, and afterwards there was no posing needed, because these two were just that in love! Congratulations to the Allettos, you are gorgeous! 

Brandy and Aaron Traywick: Savannah, Ga/Savannah wedding photographer

Brandy and Aaron are seriously two of the sweetest, most laid back people I know. When they asked that I shoot their wedding, I could not have been more honored. Both Brandy and Aaron always made it feel as if I was not just their number one choice as a photographer, but their only choice. They not only accepted me to do this service for them, but they made me feel like family through the entire process. 

This Savannah wedding season has experienced an intense rain that could worry any wedding couple. Brandy and Aaron took to their day like champs and with the help of all of their amazing vendors, the day could not have run smoother. After modifying everything for the rain, the couple took almost all of their portraits in the restaurant of the Mansion on Forsyth as well as shared the most emotional vows I have ever seen there. The rain kept up for most of the day but honestly I know it is showers of luck for the couple's future, and the quantity of it reflected how much they share love for each other. Thanks to Brandy and Aaron for letting me be a part of your day. You guys were simply the best! 

Sonny and David Noble: Statesboro, Ga wedding, 9-5-15

Sonny and David are such a dream couple. Gorgeous is just the starting adjective for these two lovely people. They have love for each other that screams through their photos, and their wedding day was the 2nd time I had the pleasure to view that. To say that nothing would stop Sonny and David from tying the knot, is literally an understatement. After an event filled day, the two joined together like being married was only a step in their already established path through life together. I can honestly say this day was one to remember!!

Shoutout to all of Sonny and David's loving family and friends, and all of their great vendors. Location: Garden of the Coastal Plain, Statesboro, Ga/Make-up and hair: Beyond Beautiful by Heather/Cupcakes: Fallin Canady/Cake: Emily Hendley/Food: Bevricks/Dress: Ivory and Beau


Kimberley and Kevin: Savannah, Ga engagement/the Tivoli River

Kimberley and Kevin could seriously be one of the sweetest couples I have ever done engagement photos of. After going back and forth a few times on location and dates, our worlds came together in the perfect form. Their love for a marshy location brought me back home to Richmond Hill, Ga, a jewel of a place, bringing me literally feet from the home I grew up in. These two are just gorgeous, and their wedding day is going to be such a fun time! Enjoy! 

Dana and Greg: 6/5/15 - Vic's on the River

Dana and Greg's wedding day was perfect. These two are as sweet as can be, and their day was so relaxed and enjoyable. Vic's on the River in Savannah is always a pleasure to shoot near. It's beautiful view, along with the cobblestones and gorgeous arches nearby, make the area a dream to shoot around. The couple's family and friends made the day so intimate and sweet, and anyone could feel the warm love and support flourishing around the couple. I wish Dana and Greg the absolute best! 

Annsley and Bo: 4-25-15-A magnolia and moss wedding-Savannah, Georgia

There is not enough I can say about Annsley and Bo. AMAZING! Such a beautiful and sweet couple. Their love for each other is just priceless. I was so blessed to be asked to shoot their wedding, and it did not disappoint. After a rough month for the couple, their day brought RAIN! Lots of rain. I was so worried their day would not be perfect, but luckily many beautiful people were watching over us to make sure these two had the perfect day. Annsley is such a great planner, and her fantastic personality brought this special day to life. Bo is an all around perfect groom. He was so happy and open to anything! After an intense morning of rain, I came into the bridal room to find so much happiness and love with all of Annsley's gorgeous bridesmaids beautified by the wonderful Michelle Royal. Once we started making our way through the day, the timing of some gorgeous sun could not be more perfect. Later, when all of their wonderful guests danced the night away, no one minded the terrible storm surrounding us! I had such a blast at their wedding, their vendors were amazing, and I loved the contagious feel of happiness run through the entire day! Congratulations to Annsley and Bo! These two will forever be held in my heart! 

Ceremony Venue: Isle of Hope Methodist Church  

Reception Venue: The Charles H. Morris Center/ Savannah, Ga

Wedding Coordinators: Posh Petals and Pearls

Hair and Makeup: Royal Makeup and Hair/ Michelle Royal

Florist: Kato Designs

Cake: Rum Runners 

Caterer: Creative Catering

Band: Men of Distinction

Blakeley and Jimmy: 12/13/14 - A Simply Southern Black Tie Affair - Savannah, Ga Weddings

Blakeley and Jimmy are one of those couples you look at and envy! They are always on an adventure and always enjoying each other's company. Their gorgeous Savannah wedding was one I will never forget. The attention to detail was gorgeous and the elegance of every detail made the night so classic. The night was one to remember with all of their fabulous guests, the super fun wedding party, and one gorgeous and FUN couple. Not only was the night memorable, but the date as well. The last consecutive date for quite some time, 12-13-14. Overall, Blakeley and Jimmy are that couple that will always be memorable. Blakeley has always been a ray of sunshine, and knowing her has been a blessing. Jimmy has been such a great half to complete her, and I am happy they found their true love. Congratulations Jimmy and Blakeley! I was honored to share your day!