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New Year, New Opportunities

Happy New Year! THIS IS THE YEAR!!

We say it every year, but the great thing about a New Year is a new start, new hope. You know what the good thing about hope is? Hope is what makes us whole. Without hopes, without dreams, we are only machines, with little meaning in our lives. As a teacher, I hope to instill every idea of having hopes, big dreams, and pushing ourselves, into my students, who may one day create a life that they feel met their hopeful requirements. 

As a photographer, and entrepreneur, I can only push myself to live the life I teach my students about. Be hopeful, be positive, push yourself. So this blog post, hopefully not the last, is a letter to myself, with one statement. "Try harder to bring in the positive, and grow your business the way you wish for it to be." 

Perfection is not my goal this year. HOPE is. Hope for confidence in my work. Hope for wonderful clientele that enrich my life. Hope for a happy, healthy family who always seems to support my ambitions even when I am losing it, hope for new experiences, and hope for growth in my business. 

I have met so many amazing people, and had some pretty fabulous experiences in 2013, but this, this is the year! Happy New Year everyone, and welcome to my new site! 


Goals for the NEW YEAR:

1. BE ORGANIZED. (Lord, help me on this one)

2. Get 1000 likes on Facebook.

3. Get better at social media.

4. Spend time for myself and my family.

5. Learn a new photography technique.

6. Get more involved with Savannah's Photography community.

7. Book 10 weddings! (EEK)

8. Help an up and coming photographer...(no, not myself, although I still need a mentor)

9. Worry less, and do more.

10. Make happiness a priority! (This probably means I should travel more.... ;) )