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Seay Wedding: Savannah, Ga/Savannah wedding photographer

The first time I met Kimberley and Kevin, I knew right away we were the perfect match. I have to say that our Finnegan Photography Brides this year were the most laid back, happy, SWEET adorable people I have ever met. When I did Kimberley and Kevin's engagement session, I felt as if I had known them for ages. They were so comfortable around me, and were the kindest people, I just could not wait for their wedding day. When their special day came, I could not have been more happy to be their photographer. They were so relaxed and happy. Their families were so sweet. Their wedding coordinator, aka their Sister-in-Law was amazing, and had everything ready for me. She made sure the day went smoothly for Kim and Kevin as well as me! I am so thankful that Kimberley and Kevin came across my name, and I hope that they can enjoy their photos for a lifetime!