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Andy and Lyndsey/Chattanooga, TN/Savannah,GA Wedding Photographer

2015 has been such a great year! I have had THE most amazing couples as well as fantastic families, and very awesome experiences. My year began with me really trying to re-think my business. I wanted  to be sure I was doing the right thing, and I wanted to start moving more into weddings and engagements. I was really unsure if I was willing and able to make my business grow, and learn more in this field. I was kind of at a turning point. I love to teach, and I love my photography, but I wasn't sure I had the confidence to be successful in both. After spending the first part of January thinking about what I was going to do this year, the year just kind of started to fly for me. I began the year photographing my sister for two fantastic authors who put my photos on their book cover (Predestined Hearts), I started booking some really great wedding experiences, and was beginning to reach out to the Savannah wedding photographers community. I began saying NO, which is a huge problem for me, but I was able to focus more on my school community, when it was time to, and I could enjoy my family when I needed to. (I'm still working on this) I went to NYC and got to see one of my photos on TIMES SQUARE! ahh! I booked my fall solid with the most amazing couples and ended my year with the best family a girl could ask for. I am so blessed for this year and I am truly looking forward to 2016! 

One of the most wonderful wedding experiences I had this year, was in Flinstone, Ga at the Barn at High Point Farms. This place rocks my world, and I just love working at this venue. Lyndsey and Andy are literally the most low key, relaxed, HAPPY people I know. I love happy! I not once met these two, so when I got to the barn I was a little nervous. Once we began, it was like we had known each other for a while, and getting to know everyone in their wedding party was just wonderful. The day was gloomy and rainy, and part of me was bummed that we wouldn't have as many opportunities to make gorgeous photos, but everyone at the barn pulled the most beautiful day together. 

Lyndsey and Andy, I wish you the most amazing life together, and I hope our paths will cross again one day! Until then, I hope that you can enjoy these photos for a lifetime. I know I will!