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Keller/Davis Wedding

My last wedding of theSummer came quickly after getting to know Josh and Colleen. Two amazing people with beautiful families! I truly loved getting to know them, and hope to be involved in their lives in the future. Josh and Colleen had a gorgeous ceremony at St. Anne's church in Richmond Hill, which brought a lot of memories back for me, as it was where I got married 4 years ago. Their reception was amazingly set up at a prime location in Midway, Ga by Posh Petals and Pearls, a fantastic group of ladies! After a little rain, the gorgeous view brought us some amazing portraits and then All about You Entertainment used their awesome tunes to kick the night into gear. I truly enjoyed my experience with this couple, and I am excited to share their day with the world! Enjoy!

Parker/Jones Wedding

Sarah and Cameron are a beautiful couple that gave me the opportunity to shoot a gorgeous wedding at the beautiful Mackey House. The Mackey house is an outstanding venue that is so unique, the opportunities for great shots is practically endless. The combination of a great couple, two very sweet families, fun guests, and a gorgeous venue, was enough to make me a happy photographer! I truly enjoyed this wedding, and can't wait to see the love blossom between Sarah and Cameron Jones!

Abel/Sharpe Wedding

Being from Richmond Hill, I have always enjoyed the calming views at Ft. McCallister. Recently I had the opportunity to enjoy shooting a wedding there with two great families! I loved their laid back personalities, as well as their kind hearts and fun spirit. I can't wait to watch the Sharpe family grow in love! Enjoy! 

Annsley and Bo

So about a year agoI had the pleasure of shooting a GORG wedding at High Point Farms in Tennessee. The couple was amazing and so were ALL of the guests. I have known Annsley for quite some time, but I had the pleasure of meeting Bo and getting to know this fabulous couple at that particular wedding. That day, I started waiting for Bo to pop the question, and hoped inside that I would be in their mind for their wedding. (Lame right?)

Anyway, I have been lucky enough to keep their attention after a year, and we spent a beautiful Saturday morning shooting engagement pictures that I will never forget. Their love for each other, and the bubbly couple that they are, shines through each photo. Congrats to them, and Enjoy!

Kaila Senior Portraits

These portraits are so special to me. I have watched this child grow into the most amazing woman, and the idea of her being a Senior in high school, is so crazy to me! I love her so much and her gorgeous face made some amazing photos! Congrats to Kaila! This girl will move mountains!


So, recently I have had some other small people keeping me busy. Aside from my sweet darlings at work, I have also had the pleasure to photograph some beautiful tiny faces, who have recently graced our presence in this world. I decided to create the most epic baby post, with sweetness from many, all in one place. Be prepared to ooze with happiness inside! Love my families, and can't wait to see all of these cuties grow!

Ivory and Beau shares Kate Pankoke: Behind the scenes...

So I have truly enjoyed being a part of the Savannah wedding community over the past year, and I love meeting new people. Savannah, Georgia really is beautiful, and the vendors here are amazing! Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to shoot a gorgeous wedding that Nicole from Ivory and Beau had helped create. I (of course) started following her on Facebook and have had the opportunity since then, to watch her and her partner Adrienna grow their outstanding business. I think that anyone who has the courage to follow their dreams and love what they do, is awesome!  They are great at it too!

For those of you that don't know, Ivory and Beau is a bridal boutique with GORGEOUS unique wedding gowns and accessories. They also do unique wedding planning! When they needed models for their recent styled shoot, I of course....volunteered my sister!! She is gorgeous, and perfect for their dresses, so I knew she had to do it. This was also my chance to check out all of their lovely things by tagging along and documenting the day. 

The dresses that were featured in this shoot were those of Kate Pankoke, who was on the 11th and 12th seasons of Project Runway! Her line is called Elaya Vaughn. She is phenomenal. I also decided that we were meant to meet, and become great friends due to the fact that we are both Katelyn Marie's. She has a fantastic talent, and she is the nicest person. She is one of those people you always want to surround yourself with. She was so hands-on, and I cannot wait to see where her designing takes her. 

My sister and I spent the day with amazing vendors from Savannah. Hair and make-up was by  Michelle Royal. (Who is also amazing and was on Project Runway). Our venue was at Brockington Hall, which is absolutely stunning. The photographer was Alexis Sweet, who is awesome, and was kind enough to let me sneak some shots of Sara through the process, and the models were so sweet and also just beautiful in Kate's dresses. 

Please enjoy these photos and show these vendors love! They are all fantastic. 

Family Love: Dismukes Family

I cannot say enough about this family. They are such beautiful friends, to the point that they really are our family. They have been with me through the growth of my business, and I LOVE to watch their family grow each year. I have seen my photography evolve each year with the portraits I take of them, and I can only hope that I will continue to be a part of their memories. Thank you Sonia and Matthew, for being the family friends we could only pray for, and for giving me a new nephew that I love so much. Enjoy!

Family Friends: Lanier Family

I cannot express how much this photo shoot meant to me. Our fantastic neighbors and friends that we have spent 4 years getting to know, have been blessed, and will one day have a little Grayson. They have been such great friends to us, and I cannot wait to enjoy watching Grayson grow. We love you guys and hope you enjoy your photos! :)

Sweet Babes: Casey Family

I have photographed a lot of babies in the past, and a few premie babies, but this one that is less than 5 pounds of cuteness, will always stick in my mind. I loved spending time with this very blessed family, and I can only hope that they enjoy their photos that captured how sweet and tiny little Tripp is. Enjoy!


Beautiful People

      So recently, I had the opportunity to work with a fabulous photographer, and friend of mine, named Callie Beale. She is also a self-taught photographer, learning as she goes, soaking in every opportunity thrown her way. Although we rarely talk, and only once have worked together, she teaches me a lot about being passionate and following the love of what you do. My first mentor Amanda Hurst, in addition to Callie, has shown me a positive photography world that I never thought I could be a part of. Their support, along with my family's support, and some pretty awesome clients who always have my back, are the reason I keep learning and growing. 

      In December, Callie asked me to second shoot a wedding with her that I just couldn't refuse. The mention of a new cultural experience, along with some time to shoot with a great colleague was all I needed to say yes. Although it was a school night ( yes, I know), and I didn't get to participate in the entire ceremony, but I enjoyed every second of the experience. The couple was phenomenal, the wedding party was so awesome, and kind, and everyone was just overjoyed and full of happiness. 

     After weeks of looking at the photos, I was just so pleased to be a part of the experience. I am still learning and growing in my photography, and I always want to be pushing myself to learn more and to do better. I love the positive photography community that has led me to this point, and I am so pleased at the growth of my business over the past few years. It doesn't always have to be a competition; growth comes when the passion of your art can be shared and encouraged by many. Enjoy these gorgeous people! Thanks again to all involved. 

New Year, New Opportunities

Happy New Year! THIS IS THE YEAR!!

We say it every year, but the great thing about a New Year is a new start, new hope. You know what the good thing about hope is? Hope is what makes us whole. Without hopes, without dreams, we are only machines, with little meaning in our lives. As a teacher, I hope to instill every idea of having hopes, big dreams, and pushing ourselves, into my students, who may one day create a life that they feel met their hopeful requirements. 

As a photographer, and entrepreneur, I can only push myself to live the life I teach my students about. Be hopeful, be positive, push yourself. So this blog post, hopefully not the last, is a letter to myself, with one statement. "Try harder to bring in the positive, and grow your business the way you wish for it to be." 

Perfection is not my goal this year. HOPE is. Hope for confidence in my work. Hope for wonderful clientele that enrich my life. Hope for a happy, healthy family who always seems to support my ambitions even when I am losing it, hope for new experiences, and hope for growth in my business. 

I have met so many amazing people, and had some pretty fabulous experiences in 2013, but this, this is the year! Happy New Year everyone, and welcome to my new site! 


Goals for the NEW YEAR:

1. BE ORGANIZED. (Lord, help me on this one)

2. Get 1000 likes on Facebook.

3. Get better at social media.

4. Spend time for myself and my family.

5. Learn a new photography technique.

6. Get more involved with Savannah's Photography community.

7. Book 10 weddings! (EEK)

8. Help an up and coming photographer...(no, not myself, although I still need a mentor)

9. Worry less, and do more.

10. Make happiness a priority! (This probably means I should travel more.... ;) )